I wonder what you see…

#WonderFold is a monthly feature that includes a prompt-based writing challenge on the first Monday of every odd month, followed by the publication of a winning response the first Monday of the next even month.

INVITATION: All art grows out of paying attention: in sight, sound, scent, taste & touch. You are invited to craft a written response to the image and scene below as a Japanese-form poem (we welcome haiku, haibun, tanka, and senryu).

sunlight coming through a maple tree in full autumn blaze
click to view full size

SCENE: So much is passing — the length of daylight, the geese above, the train in the distance across the long tracks. We live in a world of various teachers. Are you making the grade? How have you been taught: through eyes, through mind, through emotions, through song or quiet, dance or stillness, through the colors of autumn, through presence or absence? Outside, the damp earth is cooling and the woodpile is stacked and ready for the hearth. With whom will you share the passing — and how?

RESPONSE: Combining the sensory information in the written scene/photo above with your own experience/imagination, write a Japanese-style poem in response (eg. haiku, haibun, tanka, senryu). Sarah Gibson (Folded Word Features Editor) will select one response to be highlighted on the blog next month. Enter your poem in the form below no later than 21:00 Eastern on 28 November 2018. The winning response will be published here on 3 December 2018, and its author sent $5 via PayPal. Award can only be granted through PayPal.

Thanks for spending this moment with us. Before you go, would you SHARE with us in the comments a quick response to the question: What does the image make you feel or what memory does it call to mind? Maybe use it as a way to start drafting an idea for your entry…


dt.haase is a haiku poet, regular contributor to unFold, and a wanderer for wonder


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