Excerpt from WATERSHED

painting of mountains and river by Randle Panfilio

A poem from Jean L. French’s collection — now available in Global Edition.


I call the name of rain
a secret name
without words.
A wisp of cloud grows
all day it grows
cloud gathers to fullness
releases, whispering
back to me rain’s name

a murmur at first
falling farther up the mountain
pattering on leaves, then drumming
hard-packed earth, releasing small puffs
of dust until soil moistens.
Balance tips: rain thunders at fire.

©2018 Jean L. French
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Jean L. French was born in a sawmill camp in the coastal mountains of Northern California. She has resided in Northern California, on the North Coast, and in the high desert of the Sierra Nevada for most of her life. She is also the author of Paean (Finishing Line Press, 2005). Now retired from teaching and at home once again in northeastern California, French writes a gardening and cooking blog which can be found at www.GardenForestField.com.

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