FoldedFlix: #SmallPressLife

A little montage we put together for our presentation to 1 Million Cups Franklin Falls on 4 April 2018.

Descriptive text for the visually impaired:

The public sees the glamour of books…

  1. photo of books on display at a book show
  2. photo of Ben Moeller-Gaa before a library reading
  3. photo of Dan Szczesny signing pre-order copies of Mosquito Rain

…but behind every book there is a lot of hard work (photo of William O’Daly writing on the M/S Mount Washington), frustration (photo of problems updating Adobe Creative Cloud), worry (photo of an accounting spreadsheet), experimentation (photo of calligraphy trial and error on the word frozen), obsession (photo of proofreading marks on a printed book) — all for that moment of (photo of a stack of orders being shipped)…euphoria (stack of Water Ways tied with a blue ribbon).

Exploring the world (cover of Watershed by Jean L. French) one voice at a time (back cover of Orange Balloon by Samantha Priestley). Folded Word.

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