FoldedForthcoming: Handmade Journals

Sarah and I have been cooking up some yummy projects for April β€” National Poetry Month in the USA. Here’s a sneak peek at one item: a flexible travel journal (handmade by yours truly) for all you #bujo enthusiasts out there.

Sarah (who LOVES to #bujo) will be field-testing my creation over the next couple of weeks. I’ll refine the design and then start rolling these out one at a time. Sales will help cover press expenses above and beyond the printing of books. Like the software licenses for preparing print-ready files. And the royalties we pay for the poems, stories, and essays we publish here at the blog. And our business filings to stay in the government’s good graces. And….

I’d love to know what you look for in a portable journal, so please leave me some “must-haves” in the comments. Who knows: Your idea might be the one that makes this project rock!


4 Comments on “FoldedForthcoming: Handmade Journals

  1. Weatherproofing, as possible – although raindrops under a cottonwood tree can also enhance both cover design & interior, I’ve discovered! πŸ˜‰


  2. I like your glass-half-full outlook on life! Water-resistant would be a challenge, though I do seem to recall a field-notes paper we used when I was in grad school (ecology). Will definitely look into it. Thanks!


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