I wonder what you see…

#WonderFold is a monthly feature that includes a prompt-based writing challenge on the first Monday of every odd month, followed by the publication of a winning response the first Monday of the next month.

INVITATION: All art grows out of paying attention: in sight, sound, scent, taste & touch. You are invited to craft a written response (poetry or prose, 50 words or less) to the image and scene below:

leaf & bud

SCENE: The earth is damp and carries a scent of emerging new life. Bright colors overtake the dull hues of winter. Things are astir. The children have come out to play. A longing for lengthened days is fed by the songbirds who welcome the sun to the bush by the patio. To capture it all in a word: growth.

RESPONSE: Combining the sensory information in the scene/photo above with your own experience/imagination, write a short poem or paragraph in response. Sarah Gibson (Folded Word Features Editor) will select one response to be highlighted on the blog next month. Enter your poem/paragraph in the form below no later than 21:00 Eastern on March 28, 2018. The winning response will be announced on April 2, 2018, and its author sent $5 via PayPal. Winning authors residing in countries for which PayPal accounts are unavailable may select a chapbook from Folded Word’s in-stock titles as a prize.


dt.haase is a haiku poet, regular contributor to unFold, and a wanderer for wonder


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