Wonderfold Winners

a response to October’s #Wonderfold Prompt

We have two winners this month! Congratulations to Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian and Marinabita. Thank you to everyone who submitted, it’s always a pleasure getting to take the time to read these little masterpieces and it’s always difficult picking a winner. Enjoy these two wonderful pieces of literature and remember to submit to our next Wonderfold Prompt!

The Night I Slept Outside

The picture of a coneflower standing alone deaf to the sound of crickets rejoicing reminds me of YOU:

With devil’s teeth and devil’s hand how you threw my things outside that night.

I was thirsty and drank water by a stream that had a coneflower standing still.

Many years later, as I pass. There is still that coneflower. Standing there looking, and is really deaf. But what it does all the time. Anytime I look at it it reminds me of you. That night, standing at the doorway. Angry. And flinging out my things…  

©2017 Emmanuel Kalusian

teen of the 70s

as I watch the river flow
I remember my permed hair
and not my dreams  

©2017 Marinabita

Next #WonderFold prompt goes live 15 January 2017, with entries accepted through 9 February 2017. We hope to see a response from you next time 🙂

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