by Indira Leisba

You looked at me
seeing more than a little girl
with scared eyes and nervous smile.

Tú me miraste y viste en mi más que una niñita con unos grandes ojos
asustados, y una sonrisa nerviosa.

You saw my future, my hunger for learning
my desire to read books by myself.

Tú viste mi futuro, mis habilidades, mi hambre por aprender,
mi deseo de poder leer un libro por mí misma.

You looked at me
I didn’t have to mourn anymore
when children teased me.

Tú me miraste, y de alguna manera supe que ya no tenía que llorar más
porque los niños se burlaran de mí por no haber podido aprender a leer.

You smiled at me, when I repeated
one thousand times my letters and words,
hiding your weariness behind a smile.
I asked questions, you answered me.
Until one day I read by myself.

Tú me sonreíste, me ensenaste el alfabeto,
tú me escuchaste repetirlo mil veces,
En ocasiones disimulando un bostezo con una sonrisa.
Yo te hacia preguntas tú me contestabas, finalmente un día yo trate de leer
y pude hacerlo sola.

That summer you became my teacher, remaining
my sister and friend.

Ese verano te hiciste mi maestra, y seguiste siendo
mi hermana y amiga.

We laughed.

Nos reímos.

©2017 Indira Leisba

Indira Leisba is from San Pedro de Macoris, the Dominican Republic. Before moving to the United States, Indira lived in Puerto Rico for 8 years. She currently lives outside Boston with her husband, Esteban(Tomas) Dominguez and works at the North Shore Community College Lynn Campus. Indira is the Children’s Pastor at Iglesia Dias Mejores, where she enjoys spending time with the kids and learning from them. Currently, she is also attending Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston Campus, part time, pursuing a Masters degree in Counseling, supporting her belief of “treating others as you wish to be treated.”

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