Wonderfold Winner

a response to February’s #Wonderfold Prompt

Our winner this month is Marietta McGregor with her piece Clear-felled! Thank you to all who submitted, we had so many amazing pieces of work that is was very difficult to choose. Enjoy the reading and stay tuned for the next Wonderfold prompt!


Red mud the colour of matted fur. Mid-monsoon, the jungle reeks and growls and groans. Torrents of rain rush along new-made rips in dark green fabric, crisscross a crescent beach in blood-red veins and course into the sea. Where mountain water carries good red earth, the turquoise ocean turns to rust. Once I lived on a hillside and put an elephant ear leaf over my head in the rain. Now my home is here behind Plexiglas, with a piece of sacking against the drizzle. Look at me, and know what you have lost.

months of rain…
a seedling’s roots let go
their last soil

©2017 Mariette McGregor

Next #WonderFold prompt goes live 15 April 2017, with entries accepted through 15 March 2017. We hope to see a response from you next time 🙂

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