(b)ring in the New Year

I would like to invite all our readers, team members, authors and anyone else interested to come together this year and create a community of people who can dream, write, encourage and love! Not just within our little world here on this blog, but out there in the real world. Folded Word is about bringing people together and looking at what we can accomplish. I look at our Editor in Chief, JS Graustein, and see what an amazing role model she makes for this family we have here. To her, Folded Word is not just a press, it is a means by which she can impact her community — like helping teenagers discover more about their passions or assisting a local group of retirees by typesetting their poetry book free of charge. The press, through its staff, authors, contributors, and readers, is an extension of communities all around the world; it is our job as part of this grand network to further the wellbeing of those around us by writing, reading, and sharing all we can. I urge you to look at your community and see how you can make a difference. Be a part of the schools, join a community garden or local clean up crew, volunteer for a museum, help a retirement home, just get out there. There’s a lot of us and I truly believe that we can make a difference. So, let’s make this year one that our communities remember! You in?

photo of Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is Folded Word’s Publicity Assistant and Contributing Editor to its blog. She is a 21 year old from Laconia, New Hampshire and currently attends Gordon College. As a junior, she studies Communication Arts and enjoys spending her free time reading, writing, and eating.


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