Wonderfold Winners

a response to January’s #WonderFold prompt

So we have two winners to celebrate! Thank you to all who submitted, everyone’s work was wonderful and remember to keep submitting!


buzz sparkle shot – rich dark sweet sweet – precious luxury – condensation of company – patina of burnished wood – smooth smooth cream froth – jangling cravings satisfied – here – take a seat if you can find one – sigh into the warmth – relax my dear – here – your buzz sparkle shot. ©2016 FE Clark

When bitter can mean please

When bitter can mean please…

the handle of the cup holding a coffee with a fern like design in its froth, is like her nose, and both are porcelain.

And when I order something bitter I remember your German, and how you kissed the word Bitte that held the meaning of please, and other meanings.

Berlin afternoon

the rain in your hair

passing time

It all started with a coffee, no hold that thought, we haven’t got there yet. You came over and said your first Bitte, “May I help you?” I started with cappuccino.

The second Bitte was when you brought over the coffee saying ‘Here you go”.

There were many occasions that asked for Bitte, after all I was working on a novel, I was going to be here for some time. Now I wanted my own Bitte which meant “Can you help me please?” The request was for research purposes, and I have no idea how I ended up in another German city. Another barista was going to say Bitte, all over again.

uncoiling the moon

out of doorways in shadow

midnight rain    ©2016 Alan Summers


Next #WonderFold prompt goes live 15 February 2017, with entries accepted through 15 March 2017. We hope to see a response from you next time 🙂

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