Pushcart 2017 Nominees

Folded Word is proud to nominate the following work, published in 2016, for the 2017 Pushcart Prize:

  • Life on 5 ½ Street” – short story from THE BOOK OF WISHFUL THINKING by Darla K. Crist
  • The Waters of Leith” – short story from ORANGE BALLOON by Samantha Priestley
  • The Abbey Garden” – non-fiction essay by Samantha Priestley, from our blog FOLDED WORD
  • The Journey” – poem from POINTS OF REFERENCE by Matthew James Babcock
  • Alewives” – poem from COSMOPHAGY by David Oestreich
  • This Starred Place” – poem by Kim O’Connell, from our zine UNFOLD

Click between the quotation marks to read the nominated work. The links will either take you to the work as it appeared on our blog/zine, or it will take you to the work’s catalog page where you can download a PDF of the nominated excerpt.

Congratulations & best of luck to our nominees!

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