Gearing Up for Regular Posts

As many of you know if you’ve followed the Folded Word blog for any length of time, we haven’t been the most consistent with posting. It isn’t that we don’t want to spend time with you, we just get so wrapped up in making books that we forget to pop up and say hello. Enter Sarah Gibson.

Sarah Gibson, Contributing Editor
Sarah Gibson, Contributing Editor

Sarah Gibson is a spunky and creative 21-year-old who has agreed to join the team as Contributing Editor to the Folded blog. It will be her job in the coming months to ensure our columns post on time, that you find out what’s happening here at the press, and that we respond to your comments & questions in a timely manner.

Sarah grew up with a love for connecting people and getting them involved whether it be for history, events, music, or dance & theater. After graduating high school in Arizona, she had the pleasure of attending Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts where she is now a junior Communication Arts major. Being a millennial, Sarah enjoys relating to others through social media, as many others her age do, but has found her calling in sparking passions in people about topics by using interactive media that creates an intentional community. She is excited to be the Contributing Editor for Folded Word and looks forward to the challenges ahead.

If you have any suggestions for Sarah, including what kinds of press-appropriate topics you’d like to see covered on the blog, please leave her a note in the comments section. She’d love to hear from you!


3 Comments on “Gearing Up for Regular Posts

  1. “Intentional community.” I like that. I love hearing about what the press is up to, as far as projects and what they find inspirational or beautiful. I like being privy to the process and craft of making beautiful artifacts that just happen to be books. Promoting the written word in beautifully crafted books is an important art form that I hope never goes away. I support Folded Word because they champion this vital human endeavor. Does that sound sentimental? I don’t care. It matters.

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