Midnight Bundle

Grab 3 chapbooks for  $20!


All summer long we will be offering weekly themed chapbook bundles in fun origami packaging for a reduced price.

This week’s feature: Midnight Bundle

  1. Dreamers by Samantha Priestley, a Sheffield based novelist, essayist, & playwright.
  2. Ephemeral by Miguel Lupián, the director of Penumbria, a literary project based in Mexico. Translated by Joseph Hutchison, poet laureate of Colorado.
  3. L’Anguille by Jon Trobaugh, which is part of his debut collection.

Click here to purchase from our shop.  Promotional price good through 16 June 2016, limited to stock on hand. Available in the USA only. (sorry!)

Want an even better deal?
Add our Prose Chapbook Subscription for just $10 more. Midnight Bundle + subscription = $55.50 $30 total for six titles. The following will ship monthly from June through August:

  1. Mosquito Rain by Dan Szczesny
  2. The Book of Wishful Thinking by Darla K. Crist
  3. Orange Balloon by Samantha Priestley [UK]

The next bundle will be announced here on 17 June 2016. Stay tuned!

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