I wonder what you see…

#WonderFold is a new monthly feature that includes a prompt-based writing challenge that emphasizes attention to sensory detail and the little things in life.

INVITATION: All art grows out of paying attention: in sight, sound, scent, taste & touch. You are invited to craft a written response (poetry or prose, 50 words or less) to the images and scene below.


SCENE: On a 38° March afternoon in Illinois, a tree begins to bud. Ungloved fingers grow cold while trying to get the shot. In the distance: sirens and horns of fire trucks; nearby: a robin chirps frequently. The recent death of a Chief Justice has brought the American flag to half mast. This is a place of learning, a college campus. Light snow had fallen the night before but the warming temperature leaves the grass a bright green hue. Feet slosh in mud around the tree, intensifying the scent of wet earth.

RESPONSE:  Combining the sensory information in the scene/photos above with your own experience/imagination, write a short poem or paragraph in response. This month, try to employ at least one use of well-crafted onomatopoeia. JS Graustein (Editor in Chief) will select one response to be highlighted on the blog and its author will receive a free chapbook (choice from stock on-hand). Enter your poem/paragraph in the form below no later than 21:00 Eastern on 2 May 2016. The winning response will be announced/posted 9 May 2016, and its author sent a list of chapbooks to choose from.


dt.haase is a haiku poet, regular contributor to unFold, and a wanderer for wonder

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