unFold 2.0 is LIVE!

Last Friday the new incarnation of our poetry Twitter-zine was unveiled @unFold_mag. The first issue featured the poem “You, an I” by Ahimaaz R, which was accompanied by JS Graustein’s photography & typography.

A screen shot of the zine's front page at unfoldmag.wordpress.com
The zine’s new archive look at unfoldmag.wordpress.com

Issues on Twitter showcase the full graphic, introduced by a tweet containing topical hashtags. The archived issues on WordPress also contain accessible text and embedded image descriptions for those who use screen-readers. The new format breaks free from the 140-character restraints of Twitter but stays within the micro-poem genre, bringing a concentrated poetic boost to Fridays.

Rose Auslander, unFold’s Founding Editor, still directs the zine. Newly added to the masthead is Kristine Slentz as unFold’s Assistant Editor. JS & Megan Graustein provide visual and technical support. New poems will post each Friday, so follow the zine on Twitter or subscribe on WordPress. And if you’d like to become an unFold poet, submissions are open here.

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