Month in Review: December 2015

A final check of PREMEDITATIONS by Michelle Ristuccia, which was just released mid December.
A final check of PREMEDITATIONS by Michelle Ristuccia, which was just released mid December.

In December, Folded Word released chapbooks and received news about exciting new opportunities for 2016. We are excited to enter the New Year with our first grant, a Twitter-zine relaunch, and more chapbooks upcoming in the spring.

We are pleased to announce that Folded Word was awarded a CLMP Consultancy Grant and will be benefitting from the experience and wisdom of Daniel Owen of Ugly Duckling Presse in the coming year. Thanks to CLMP for the wonderful opportunity for Folded Word! We look forward to seeing where the process takes us.

For more New Year reading, Folded Word just released L’ANGUILLE by Jonathan Trobaugh earlier this month. The chapbook features three stories about children struggling to shelter one another, and offer glimpses of courage and humanity to ground the reader in empathy. There is a discount for multipacks, and L’ANGUILLE can be purchased here.

PREMEDITATIONS by Michelle Ristuccia is the first speculative fiction to be featured in the Folded chapbook series. You can purchase it from the Folded Word store. From the back of the book: “This chapbook achieves a fresh look at our times, seeming to simplify while posing new questions about all we accept as reality — much as fairy tales and sci fi must have when first told.” The stories in PREMEDITATIONS are great New Year reads! Multipack discounts also available.

We are getting excited about February’s relaunch of Folded Word’s Twitter-poetry zine unFold. It will feature a new focus beyond the 140-word Twitter format, and will be including visual art. More information here.

New release TOOTH DECAY by Garrett Socol was featured in Matt Seidel’s A Year of Reading.

New to Folded Word: a Chapbook Series Subscription starting in 2016. You can subscribe on the Folded Word website for the full year (9 titles), or individual seasons: 3 chapbooks each of either poetry (spring), prose (summer), or nature themed (fall). This subscription is a great way to stay up to date with Folded Word’s authors and chapbook publications, and receive a new dose of literature almost every month of 2016.

We are still seeking translation, essay, and short fiction for our 2017 chapbook series. Please see our Submission Guidelines for more information.



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