Month in Review: October 2015

Image of the Month:

EPHEMERAL, a work of flash-fiction written by Miguel Lupián and translated from Spanish by Colorado poet laureate Joseph Hutchison, is now available for purchase on Folded Word’s online shop. Here, Folded Word editor J.S. Graustein does a final proofreading of the work.

This month, the art for many of Folded Word’s upcoming chapbooks was made available for preview on Folded Word’s Flickr page. We have had a chapbook release with another coming up soon, and a series of radio interviews with Folded Word authors have happened across the country.

In January of 2016, Folded Word’s Twitter poetry zine unFold will relaunch with a new focus beyond the 140-word Twitter format, and will be including visual art. See editor J.S. Graustein’s new blog post for more information.

Just in time for Halloween, our dark flash-fiction chapbook EPHEMERAL by Miguel Lupián with English translation by Joseph Hutchison, has finally been released! The first glimpse of the cover is finally available after four years of work on the part of the Folded Word editors!

Folded Word editor J.S. Graustein also released the current cover design for David Oestreich’s poetry chapbook COSMOPHAGY, which will be released in February 2016.

The cover for WATER WAYS, the first book in the Folded Poetics series, is also available for a sneak peek through Folded Word. The book will be a series of essays, writing prompts, and poems for authors interested in the presence of water in their work by Folded editor J.S. Graustein and Folded author William O’Daly.

Lee Slonimsky and Elizabeth J. Coleman, respective author and translator of our forthcoming PYTHAGORE, AMOUREUX | PYTHAGORAS IN LOVE, talked about their work on WIOX Community Radio’s program “The Writer’s Voice” earlier this week in the New York Catskill’s region.

THE ROAD TO ISLA NEGRA author William O’Daly also recently recorded a new radio piece. Poet Kate Asche interviewed O’Daly at a coffee and music event at the Naked Coffee Lounge in Sacramento, CA early this September. The interview, recorded by NSAA, will be available for online listening soon.

Upcoming novel TOOTH DECAY by Garrett Socol can be preordered at for a discount. The book will be released on November 1.

Late this month, author Dan Szczesny of the upcoming chapbook of travel essays, MOSQUITO RAIN, gave an impromptu poetry reading with a group of Nepali authors and readers in Kathmandu organized by Yuyutsu Sharma.

New to Folded Word: a Chapbook Series Subscription, starting in 2016. You can subscribe in the Folded Word shop for the full year (9 titles), or individual seasons – 3 chapbooks each of either poetry (spring), prose (summer), or nature-themed (fall). This subscription is a great way to stay up to date with Folded Word’s authors and chapbook publications, and receive a new dose of literature almost every month in 2016.

One Comment on “Month in Review: October 2015

  1. So much going on . . .I am amazed and thrilled. And the idea of a subscription is wonderful!


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