New Hampshire Poetry Tour

We are very excited to have a panel accepted for the first New Hampshire Poetry Festival on 19 September in Manchester. TRANSLATE TO TRANSFORM will explore how the practice of translation can enhance a poet’s own work, with or without fluency in another language. William O’Daly will discuss the expansion of poetic vision and thought. Elizabeth J. Coleman will discuss the broadening of rhythmic and metrical choices. JS Graustein will discuss the development of voice and purpose. All three participants will encourage poets to pick a language, find a poem, open a dictionary, and discover what the deciphering of another’s work can do for their own. There’s still time to register for the festival if you are interested in this panel. The festival will culminate with a reading by US Poet Laureate Charles Simic, so it’s well worth your time.

Since William is flying all the way out from California to attend, not to mention Elizabeth and our Poetry Editor Rose Auslander coming up from New York,  we’ve put together additional events surrounding the festival. We’d love to see you at one (or all) of the following:

  1. Thursday, 17 September 2015, 6:30-7:30 p.m.: A Poet and His Press at Wolfeboro Public Library, Wolfeboro. Program will include William O’Daly discussing his translation of Pablo Neruda’s poetry, his own poetry, and his inspiring trip to Chile. Accompanying O’Daly will be JS Graustein, Editor in Chief of the Meredith-based press Folded Word, which recently published O’Daly’s latest title: The Road to Isla Negra. Graustein will be fielding questions about the press and taking chapbook queries at the event.
  2. Friday, 18 September 2015, 4:00-7:00 p.m.: Folded Word Showcase at VynnArt Gallery, Meredith. This informal open-house will feature poets William O’Daly, Elizabeth J. Coleman, and Rose Auslander displaying their cover art and reading from their titles. JS Graustein will be answering questions about Folded Word’s cover art and chapbook illustration requirements. Local artists interested in art/poetry partnerships are encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be served.
  3. Monday, 21 Sept. 2015, 5:00-7:00 p.m.: Dinner with a Poet and His Press, at The Little Grille, Littleton. Share a meal with William O’Daly, author of The Road to Isla Negra (Folded Word) and noted translator of Pablo Neruda’s late/posthumous work (Copper Canyon Press), in the side room at The Little Grille. O’Daly will be fielding questions about poetry, translation, Pablo Neruda, and Isla Negra. He also might ask you questions about New Hampshire’s waterways for his forthcoming chapbook project with Folded Word’s Editor in Chief, JS Graustein. Graustein will be on hand to field questions about the press and collect chapbook manuscript submissions. Tickets are $30 and include dinner, non-alcoholic beverage, and a signed copy of The Road to Isla Negra. [Tickets may be purchased for $28 if paying by check. Email foldededitors [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line “Littleton dinner” to reserve your spot and mail your check to FOLDED WORD, 79 Tracy Way, Meredith NH 03253.]

Any questions? Email JS Graustein at foldededitors [at] gmail [dot] com. Hope to see you soon!

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