Folded Word-Lab: haiku results

Two weeks ago, Ben Moeller-Gaa presented a haiku workshop here and challenged you to write your own haiku. And write you have: we received haiku entries from four continents! Below are the haiku that Ben selected as being the best examples of the concept from his workshop.

the debate is over…
on the fence

~Ali Znaidi, Tunisia

after rain
the dirt road travels
on my shoes

~Gary Schroeder, Colorado

no dream —
the moonlight filled with
a nightingale’s song

~Marek Kozubek, Poland

Ali, Gary, & Marek will receive print copies of Ben’s haiku chapbook WASP SHADOWS. In addition, Neila Mezynski was lucky #3 — our randomly selected entrant who will receive a mini-critique this weekend by our Editor in Chief, JS Graustein.

truly randomized critique selection

Next month’s word-lab will be an exercise in historical fiction by Tim Bridwell, author of SOPHRONIA L. If you’d like to be notified when it goes live, please follow this blog or subscribe to our MailChimp email list.

PS. Dorothee Lang alerted us to a fun haiku project going live tomorrow (17 April 2015) at The Haiku Foundation. If this word-lab whetted your appetite for haiku, you might want to check it out.

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