HINTS at #2 with a Bullet

Click the screen-shot to push HINTS to #1

Something extraordinary is going on at Amazon.com right now: Our chapbook HINTS by Rose Auslander has hit Amazon’s Best Sellers List in Poetry by Women! As the screen shot above shows, HINTS is currently #2 in Kindle Poetry by Women and #31 in Poetry by Women overall. This is up from yesterday’s rank of #7 on Kindle and #45 overall. Thanks to everyone who bought copies yesterday and pushed HINTS closer to the top! Your 52¢ paid off:-)

To those who haven’t bought a copy yet, let’s see if we can make HINTS #1:

  • Call it “market forces at work” or “voting with your dollars” or just “wicked awesome,” but Amazon responded to yesterday’s activity and dropped the already-reduced Kindle price of HINTS from 52¢ to 49¢ this morning.
  • The print chapbook is now only 47¢. Since HINTS is enrolled in the MatchBook program, that means you could get a print + e-copy of Rose’s fun poems with the coins in your couch cushions. (At the time of writing, Amazon has 12 print copies in stock at this price.)
  • HINTS is also part of the Kindle Unlimited program. If you have subscribed, please consider reading the chapbook for free. Every little helps:-)

A special thanks goes to Ben Moeller-Gaa for taking the time to review the chapbook after he bought/read it on his lunch break yesterday. If you follow his example, we’ll love you forever:-)


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