Chapfest 2014

Click to see more photos from our Folded NYC adventure
Click to see more photos from our Folded NYC adventure

Last week, Rose and I had the privilege of representing Folded Word at CUNY’s 6th Annual Chapbook Festival. The format of the festival changed from last year, so there were events all over Manhattan for three days, with the book fair portion compressed into one day during the work week. Judging from the increase in foot traffic, I’d say the change paid off.

On Tuesday, I had the good fortune to squeeze into a book binding workshop held at the Center for Book Arts where I made my first successful case-bound (i.e. hardback)  journal and drooled over the huge guillotines and antique presses peppered around the studio space. I also met Paul Hunter, an amazing visual artist and fellow workshop participant, who later stopped by our table on Thursday.

On Wednesday, I toured a children’s book exhibit at the New York Public Library. They had some rare historical alphabet books and other gems on display. From a book-making perspective, the craftsmanship on display was amazing. I also saw a few examples that gave me chapbook design ideas.

On Thursday, Rose and I manned the Folded Word table at the book fair. This was the first year we sold (rather than displayed) copies of our chapbooks, so it was nice that Rose was on hand to sign copies of Hints. We also had handmade blank chapbooks for sale (leftovers will be available at BigCartel next week). We met friendly writers, fellow publishers*, and even a couple folks from Poets House.

I’m still processing most of the photos I took, but you can get a sampling in my Chapfest 2014 Flickr set by clicking on the photo of Rose above.

A great big thanks goes to Sampson Starkweather, Kendra Sullivan, and their team for putting on a great and helpful event. We can’t wait to see what next year’s chapfest has in store!


*El Aleph Press, Finishing Line Press, Flying Object, Magic Helicopter Press, Poets Wear Prada, and Publishing Genius Press to name a few.

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