Our Submissions Have Gone Postal

Submitting? Here's your target.
Submitting? Here’s your target.

Last year we closed submissions due to the impending move of Folded Word’s headquarters from California to New Hampshire. We’ve now completed the move, the dust has settled, and (chap)books are once again rolling off the press…titles like:

Now that we’re making progress again, we’ve re-opened to submissions. However unlike before, we’re only taking paper submissions that arrive in our US Mailbox (pictured at right). No more emailed manuscripts. No more Submittable queries. Just an old-fashioned envelope with a stamp, a cover letter, three sample pages, and a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE).

Why? We have a dedicated but small staff of volunteers who review submissions and edit those selected to become Folded titles. We have found that electronic submission processes makes it a little too easy to submit a manuscript that isn’t well targeted. We want to make sure that if people are asking us to spend our limited time to review their work, they truly want us to review their work and have a specific reason for wanting their manuscript to have a home on the Folded list.

Full submission guidelines (including our postal address) are available on our website at http://www.foldedword.com/submit.html. The only submissions that may still be made electronically are micro-poems for unFold and cover art/illustration queries. All other submissions must be made in the form of printed queries that conform 100% to our guidelines.

(Hint: Authors who demonstrate anĀ  ability to follow directions are at a serious advantage. Will you get bonus points when you submit?)

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