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preview of our revamped website
We overhauled our website. Check it out:-)

At Folded Word we’ve been so busy lately we forgot to share the great new works we have out, as well as others quickly approaching the shelves.

First off, we have launched a new Christian imprint, Sierra Delta Press, with Abraham by Stan Galloway. This poetry chapbook explores how the biblical figure Abraham was two men in one: Abram before the covenant and Abraham after. It is available as both a signature edition and a green edition.

Last month, Folded Word released the Green Edition chapbook Men Who Understand Girls by Neila Mezynski. This collection of flash fiction delves into the souls of women searching for love with various degrees of success.

Just released this month is our much awaited poetry chapbook On The Humber by Julie L. Corbett. As a native to the Humber River Delta area of Yorkshire, Julie’s intimate knowledge of the river and its communities—both natural and human—give readers an inside glimpse of details beyond the bridge: The North Sea, cliff tops, pavements, and kitchens.

What about paperbacks? Launching in the next fortnight is Worlds Apart by Smitha Murthy and Dorothee Lang. This book-length travel narrative takes pen pals to a whole new level as these two women create a dialogue across continents and cultures, captured in letters that reach from China and India to Germany and the Mediterranean Sea.

Last but certainly not least is Sierra Delta’s first eBook novel, Adam’s Garden. This Christian romance by Dana Sudboro,  set in beautiful Northern California, is slated for a July 2012 release.

We hope you’ll add one or more of these titles to your summer reading list and look forward to your feedback.


Kyle Barber is the newest addition to our family. Please welcome him to The Fold:-)

2 Comments on “What’s New at Folded Word

  1. Hello Kyle! Great to know that you are joining the Folded team, and thanks for this exciting update. So much going on!


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