unFold 2012 Garden Show Selections

Photograph courtesy of Debbie Feller

Thanks to our unFold poets and photographers, our blog is about to bloom. 

As editors, we enjoyed a glorious month of virtual spring, floating (not to say wallowing) in a flood of koi, ducklings, and stolen tulips – so many we ran out of space in our showroom.  We had to narrow our upcoming display down to the following, in alphabetal order by poet – stay tuned:

 Peg Duthie:  “Lickety-split,” “Tacky,” and “The Season So Long” (all with photographs)

Debbie Feller: “Cold Koi,” and “Sacrificed” (both with photographs)

Brigitte Goetze: “Oh, Gorgeous!” and “Picking the Red Gooseberry”

dt. haase:  “haiga III,” “haiga V” and “haiga VIII” (all with images)

Kate Hammerich: “I dreamed of a door,” “Picasso,” and “Insomnia” (all with photographs)

Maude Larke:  “Park (2)” and “Emigration (2)”

Annmarie Lockhart:  “Spring Delinquents” and “Nightmare, Blooming” (both with photographs)

Dorothy Blackcrow Mack:  Two poems, untitled

Nora Nadjarian:  “The Name” and “Two Horses in a Swedish Garden” (both with photographs)

Ben Nardolilli:  “Nothing Else to Trouble Us,” and “Away with the Numb Mask”

Vince O’Connor:  “Anticipation” (with photograph)

Frances Pauli:  “A Koi’s Voice”

Linda Leedy Schneider:  “Eclipse,” “A Red Tulip,” and “A Heron”

Kara Synhorst: “Volunteer”

 Huge thanks to all the wonderful poets and photographers who submitted work for the show!

3 Comments on “unFold 2012 Garden Show Selections

  1. So happy to hear this! Thank you! One little thing . .. in the list my last name is spelled Fuller instead of Feller. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the garden show!


  2. Thanks, Debbie — and apologies! Have now fixed the typo 🙂


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