Best of the Net Nominees

The Folded Word editorial team is thrilled to announce that the following works published by Folded Word in 2010/2011 have been nominated for Best of the Net:

Simon Kewin: “Square on the Hypotenuse
S. Kay: “At the Altar

From unFOLD:
bl pawelek: “The Heat of Sound
Nathalie Boisard-Beudin: “Golden Globes
Peycho Kanev: “Freedom
Karyn Eisler: “I Wake As
Cameron Mount: “Self of Cards
Patrick J Connors: “(Re)Birth

We apologize for the late announcement of this information. We did send in the entry packet well within deadline, just forgot to share. Please join us in congratulating these intrepid writers who brave (and surpass) Twitter’s constraints.

8 Comments on “Best of the Net Nominees

  1. Congratulations! And how beautiful to revisit those works again – and to read their titles in this combination. They almost form a micro poem, especially when switching the first and last:

    At the Altar: The Heat of Sound, Golden Globes, Freedom
    I Wake As Self of Cards, Square on the Hypotenuse


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