Moving Up in the World

An editorial note from J.S. Graustein

When I first joined Folded Word in the spring of 2009 as Managing Editor, I never dreamed that a mere two years later I would have overseen the production of multiple books and chapbooks, earned a Literary Publishing Certificate, and participated in a live radio interview. But I have. Which is amazing. But it also means that some back-office changes are due.

a Folded book and a Folded friend "In Real Life"

These last months before Folded’s July Break have been a time of reflection and preparation for any reorganization that should happen when we return in August. One of the changes suggested by the Folded staff is that I create and take on the role of Editor in Chief. This would allow me to focus my energy on the editorial tasks that I do best: direction of the list, development of (chap)books, design/layout, chapbook construction, fire fighting, brainstorming, and public speaking on literary topics.

However in order to truly focus on the above, we will need a volunteer to replace me as Managing Editor–a more focused and well-defined Managing Editor, rather than the jack-of-all-trades kind that I have been. Someone whose main goal is to establish a consistent level of quality and timeliness in our serial publications and publisher/contributor communications. If that volunteer is YOU, please review the complete job description and application instructions.

While we are looking for help and reorganizing for the August start of a new publication year, we’ve also decided to create an Art Director position. This volunteer would establish a “Folded look” and find ways to apply it consistently house-wide in a way that respects the needs of individual publications. If you’re looking for a chance to leave your mark somewhere that values creativity and artistic freedom, this would be an excellent opportunity. If YOU are interested, please review the complete job description and application instructions.

Whether or not you are interested in joining our staff, I thank you for being a member of the Folded community. The past two years have been an incredible mix of literature, friendship, travel, and “IRL” meetings. I look forward to serving as Folded’s Editor in Chief for the next two years and beyond. Way beyond. Like decades:-)


P.S. If your browser balks at opening the job descriptions, right-click and “save as” the PDF, then open the saved document.

3 Comments on “Moving Up in the World

  1. So good to see so much happening and all that is to come makes me excited. Praying the right people join you on this adventure!


  2. Thanks, Nathalie & Debbie! If the next two years are anything like the last two, we’ll have fun no matter what:-)


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