New Titles New Blogs

It’s been a crazy April around here. Not only were we hatching a Heron and proofing FREIGHT, we typeset two chapbooks and edited our first travel narrative. And yet our queue of titles waiting to be produced is STILL staggeringly long. So in an effort to streamline updates from our globally-diverse crew, we’ve created two new blogs instead of building vast quantities of webpages.

coming Summer 2011

Our new WOR(L)DS APART blog is devoted to building an online community around the book WOR(L)DS APART: Intersecting Journeys of Friends Who Never Met by Smitha Murthy and Dorothee Lang. This book is part travel narrative, part life narrative. It documents the development of a friendship across cultures, space, time, and language. You can find an excerpt on the blog, with more excerpts and interaction opportunities coming soon.

coming May 2011

Our new CHAPBOOKS FROM FOLDED WORD blog features, you guessed it, our chapbooks. Or at least one for a start. On Cloud 285 by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin is now officially open for pre-orders. It is also the first chapbook we placed on the blog. This collection of poetry about Love and its effects (both light and dark) will be simultaneously available as a Green Edition, Signature Edition, and e-book. So much choice, eh?

We will be migrating information about our previous chapbooks over to the new blog in the next month, as well as posting information about our forthcoming chapbooks like Nora Nadjarian‘s short-fiction collection Girl, Wolf, Bones–which should roll out within a fortnight of On Cloud 285.

Tired yet? We sure are;-) But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

3 Comments on “New Titles New Blogs

  1. I’m just so happy and amazed at all that is going on! Thanks for letting us know. Now . . .can we keep up with you? 🙂


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