Windowsill Whirlwind

the studio we rocked

What a week! Thanks to the kind folks at Capital Public Radio and the Northern California Publishers & Authors, this week will be one to remember:

  1. Monday: I picked up Ellaraine Lockie from the airport after her original flight was canceled due to Southwest Airlines’ cracked fuselage crisis. We checked in to a hotel by the river in Old Sacramento and had a lively seafood dinner before getting our beauty sleep.
  2. Tuesday: Ellaraine and I were interviewed about On a Narrow Windowsill at the Capital Public Radio studios. Rose joined in over the phone, and continually had both the host, Jeffrey Callison, and the crew in the soundbooth laughing. Since Ellaraine and I didn’t have earpieces, we had no idea what she said. We laughed anyway.  You can listen to the interview either as a podcast or on the CapRadio website. (We’re the last interview of four if you want to fast-forward.)
  3. Wednesday: Windowsill’s Amazon sales rank spiked to an all-time high–only 5 digits instead of the previous 6- & 7-digit ranks:-)
  4. Thursday: I finally got up enough nerve to listen to the interview after a day of wrestling with FREIGHT‘s footnotes. (Yes, footnotes. But that’s a story for another day.) Amazing how much we packed in, even with our slot getting trimmed due to others running long.
  5. Friday: A new carton of Windowsills arrived on my doorstep. Woohoo! There’s nothing like opening up a fresh box of books. Want one? They’re on sale for $12 (list is $14). Plus, we’ll send you a free e-book in the format of your choice (.epub or .mobi) as soon as we process your order.
  6. Saturday: I know it hasn’t happened yet, but tomorrow I’ll be speaking at the NCPA about chapbooks. Yes, I was there in November. I’m “back by popular demand” according to the website. (Wild.) Think I’ll be hauling some Windowsills along. (If you plan on attending, let me know and we can do lunch after.)

I have no idea how to end a post this crazy, so I’ll just end with this video from Monday’s seafood dinner:

Cheers!  ~J.S.

3 Comments on “Windowsill Whirlwind

  1. This was a wonderful crazy good post! I loved the interview . . .you all did great. yay! Now, off to order me a book . . .:)


  2. Thanks, Debbie! You’re one of our best cheerleaders. Maybe I should look into getting some Folded pom poms made and sent you a pair;-)


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