Crazy New Year

Indianapolis Airport ceiling
preparing to fly

2011 has already started off with a bang. We drew the name of our winner for the “win our 2011 list” promotion. Looks like we’ll be making regular shipments to Australia this year. Congratulations to Gayle in Victoria! She’ll be receiving at least six green edition chapbooks plus THE YEAR OF THE MONKEY by Smitha Murthy and Dorothee Lang (our first travel narrative) and FREIGHT by Mel Bosworth (our first novel). Looks like we’ll know the local Postmaster on a first name basis very soon:-)

We’ve also decided to join the WordPress Post A Week 2011 challenge. It SHOULD be easy-peasy, but we sometimes get lost in our publishing projects around here. Having the goal on the wall will definitely help.

Hope you meet and exceed all your writing and reading goals this year. Cheers and Happy 2011!

4 Comments on “Crazy New Year

  1. Happy New Year and yay to Gayle! She’s going to love that, and the postmaster will too. Job security and all. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Looking forward to hearing from Folded Word regularly! It’s going to be a great year then! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. This announcement is a beautiful start into the new year! So excited about the travel narrative to find a home on folded pages. Happy Crazy New Year 2011 ~


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