What’s New with Blue Print Review

For those looking to find themselves, the first part of Blue Print Review’s #26 issue “Identity” is now online.

“It approaches the theme both on a personal and philosophical level,” said Dorothee Lang, editor of Blue Print Review. “Through stories, essays, poems, artwork and photography, it explore questions like: “Who am I?”/ “Who else could I be?”/ “What is identity, and how does it relate to society/ the world?’”

Not only does the issue contain the usual embedded pictures and stories, it also includes connected blog entries and further reads, making this issue larger than previous issues.

But “Identity” is not the only new issue Blue Print Review has to offer. The second issue of ‘>Language>Place’ carnival blog, Blue Print Review’s blog project, has also been launched. Presenting blog entries from more than 20 writers around the world into an online edition, ‘>Language>Place’ let’s readers experience a cyber journey through blogs, countries, stories, and reflections.

“The idea of the ‘>Language>Place’ project is to create a different, de-central magazine,” said Lang, “instead of gathering contributions in one place, the editions branch out into already existing websites (mostly blogs), and connect essays, stories, photos and travelogues that relate to the theme “language” and “place”.”

Each issue is hosted by a different blogger. Dorothee Lang hosted the first edition and handed the second edition off to Nicolette Wong, a fiction and art writer from Hong Kong.

“It’s a voyage into imaginary spaces and real places re-imagined, in voices from around the world,” said Wong about issue 2 of ‘>Language>Place.’ “ Writers decipher what they see and hear–in words, codes, images and hints between the lines that they write. And the places shift amid detours, tender moments of misunderstanding or confusion to arrive at the heart of the stories. What’s on the page/screen is often born out of one’s search along a circuitous path.”

Finally, Blue Print Review has put together a page of first online literary magazines. The page originally started in Issue 22 of Blue Print Review, whose theme was “re/visit /cycle /turn” and was dedicated to all previously published works and their links. Unfortunately, a lot of the magazines had gone offline. The links to these “lost” magazines were later found again in archives.

“This list got updated in December 2010, after the editor of Tarpaulin Sky started a facebook post about long-running online literary magazines,” said Lang. “The post turned into a collective sharing of links, and to keep those links, I started to add them, and then updated the whole page, which now starts to become a small web archive itself.”

Want to contribute? Blue Print Review has made a call for submissions for both issue #27 of Blue Print Review and issue #3 of ‘>Language>Place.’

by Casey Murphy

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