One Year in Print

To mark the 1st anniversary of Folded’s entry into print, we have developed a Green Edition chapbook line and added a gift wrapping option at our shop.

It's so easy being green.

What are Green Edition chapbooks, you ask? They are a cost-effective and earth-friendly alternative to our Signature Edition chapbooks. The covers are printed on (literally) green parchment paper. The text is printed on (figuratively-green) 100% recycled paper. Even the staples that bind the pages are green. And at $5 per copy, your wallet will still contain a bit green (cash) after buying one. 

In fact, we will be running a series of specials through the end of the year to both stimulate the literary economy and encourage people to give words as gifts. Our first special begins today (15 November 2010) and runs through Sunday (21 November 2010). For every unsigned copy of Jessie Carty’s Paper House you buy, you get a free Green Edition copy of The Wait of Atom. The free chapbooks may be shipped along with your order or mailed to someone else, simply specify your preference in the comment section during checkout.

Wrapped and ready for the party.

Did we mention gift wrapping? Yes, we did. You can’t get much for a dollar these days, but at our shop you can give a book the spa treatment.

But putting the sales pitch aside for a moment, do you have any birthday wishes for Jessie’s Atom? He’s turning 1 year old this week and would love to read some comments below.

7 Comments on “One Year in Print

  1. Happy happy birthday! And so glad that I’m part of the celebration 🙂


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