Paper House did what?

final cover
tied for #25

No, it’s true. Paper House by Jessie Carty made the Poetry Foundation’s “Contemporary Best Sellers” list for 15 August 2010. We know Jessie will be reading the comments left on this page, so go ahead and leave congratulatory remarks below in the comments section.

What’s that? You don’t have a copy of Paper House yet? No worries. You can order it online from major & indie booksellers. Signed copies are available from our shop for $12 US. We also just released a beta-version e-book for $4.99 US.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some party hats to don and noisemakers to blow:-)

6 Comments on “Paper House did what?

  1. woohoo! What a privilege it was to read this. So glad it has gotten the recognition it deserves. 🙂 congratulations Jessie and Folded Word!


  2. I’ve already said it–on Facebook, perhaps–but congratulations once again to both Jessie Carty and FoldedWord Press!!! Such Wonderful news ~


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