On Tour with “Paper House”

Going on a book tour is an important part of advertising your work. Since April, Jessie Carty, founding editor of Folded Word, has been on tour with her poetry collection Paper House, which was released March 30, 2010.

A collection of 64 narrative poems, Paper House looks at a young woman trying to shape a life out of shaky beginnings. Her tour started April 3 with a release party, and after that there was at least one event a week all through April and May. Currently Carty’s touring events are scheduled through November with one event per month.

“I am still touring, I guess,” said Carty about her touring plans. “I considered the first two months the book was out the real tour time now I just have a few events left.”

Usually touring alone, Carty tries to stop in a variety of places in order to promote her book to a range of audiences.

Jessie Carty at a book signing
Jessie Carty reads from Paper House at Joseph Beth Bookstore

“I have read in bookstores, at a community college, at open mic events (as featured reader and just as open mic participant) and at a church as part of the Charleston, SC Public Library reading series,” said Carty. “I’ve also done an interview for internet radio and I have another one of those scheduled.”

An interview about Paper House and Carty’s marketing strategy can be found here.

While on this tour, Carty had hoped to spread word not only about her book, but about Folded Word and the life of a poet as well.

“I had hoped to really let more people know about the book and Folded Word,” said Carty. “Mostly I am just reading from the book, but I often talk about the process of putting a book together and at the community college I talked about the life of a poet and what there is to like in poetry to help them celebrate National Poetry Month.”

Carty has also compiled a “Do’s and Don’ts” list when it comes to book touring which can be helpful to anyone, whether you are on your first book tour or your fifth. It can be found on her blog.

By Casey Murphy

2 Comments on “On Tour with “Paper House”

  1. Thanks so much for the interview! It has been a pleasure to tour with my book but also with getting the word about Folded Word out there. I may have started the press 2 years ago now but after I left it has been taken to heights I never imagined. For example, I get TONS of compliments about the physical design of the book. That is something I never would have been able to do 🙂


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