Watch the Heron

This summer, the third Heron issue from Folded Word will be released. The third issue is a fiction piece written by Ben White, the editor of PicFic’s Headliner series and a PicFic contributor at Folded Word.

“Cryo” is a speculative fiction piece originally written by White on his cell phone while working out on an elliptical machine.

“I think speculative fiction, especially of this very-short variety, works best when it functions with both a straightforward reading and with an alternative or allegorical one, one that invites the reader to continue turning the story over after it’s done,” said White.

White considers himself to be a proud member of the “grammar police” and has been since he can remember. It has only been in the past few years, though, that White has worked on fiction. Although he writes more fiction than anything else, he admits if he “added more line breaks to some of [the] pieces [he could] probably fool a few people” into thinking they were reading poetry.

A Folded Word participant since March 2009, when twitter-fiction started being published, White is ecstatic to be the next Heron author.

“It means a lot to be selected as the second fiction writer for Heron,” said White. “It’s an honor to support Folded Word with my work, and it’s a privilege to receive this vote of confidence and unwavering support.”

Heron is a bi-yearly broadside series presented by Folded Word. Poetry is published in the winter and fiction in the summer, featuring one solicited author per issue. Our first Heron issue was released July 15, 2009 with a short story written by Mel Bostworth. In January 2010, our second issue was released with three poems by Eric Burke.

Heron comes in many shapes and sizes, all of them free: a random distribution to the public, pdf print-at-home version, and mp3 version. If you would like a five-pack of Heron to distribute in your corner of the globe, please email editors [at] foldedword [dot] com with the subject line “Heron distribution.”

By Casey Murphy

One Comment on “Watch the Heron

  1. Well deserved Ben! I can’t wait to get a few Heron’s to release into the wild again 🙂


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