Meeting in Boston

Junior was a bit picky with his meal 🙂
The past week, J. S. Graustein, our managing editor here at Folded Word, has been on an adventure. Not the kind of adventure you take when you want to fight dragons or save princesses, but a learning adventure. In Boston, Graustein is attending a “How to be a Publisher” class at Emerson College to broaden her knowledge when it comes to publishing. Luckily, the Boston trip isn’t all work and no play.

From left to right: Mel Bosworth (author), J.S. Graustein (managing editor) and Rose Auslander (Poetry editor)
She made it a point to catch up with Mel Bosworth (author of When the Cats Razzed the Chickens, 2009, and Freight, 2011) and Rose Auslander (Poetry Editor at Folded Word) to catch up and relax. First they met up at Dunkin Donuts. Once they were all together, they toured the Boston Common and then enjoyed a nice dinner at Stoddard’s.

Mel Bosworth hanging out with Folded Word's mascot, Junior at Stoddard's in Boston

by Casey Murphy

3 Comments on “Meeting in Boston

  1. Jealous!! Have a great time 🙂 I have a thought about how to work junior into some future cover art hehe


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