Exploding Ears Everywhere

“The EardrumsPop-label has never been ‘just music’. When it all started, the idea was to combine an interest for arts and illustration with an interest in music.”

Since their online debut in 2008, indie music label EardrumsPop has released one compilation per year. Their most recent collection, Between Two Waves, hit the web mid-April 2010.

“For the new compilation . . .  we decided to include other art forms as well, – poetry and drawings/cartoons, – all with the same themes, – collaboration, creating together, being together, – between two waves,” says the team at EardumsPop.

Leena lives in Oslo, Tim in Dublin, Knut is from North of Norway, and Stefan lives in Munich. “We have ‘normal’ jobs that are more or less related to music . . . EardrumsPop is what we like to do,” says the team.

EardrumsPop connects people across the globe, producing righteous art in all forms, shapes and sizes. Best yet, they give it all away for FREE on their website. These collaborations are quite unique.

“I thought it was an interesting approach,” says poet Nora Nadjarian. “A good way to combine literature, art & music.” Nardjarian was one of several Folded Word contributors to be showcased in Between Two Waves.

“This was my first collaborative writing project,” says Jessie Carty author of Paper House.  “I love the poem J.S. and I created and I hope it will be part of my second book.”

“We have participants from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, USA, Scotland, Ireland, Argentine, England, Germany, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Canada and South Africa,” says the team. “Several of the collaborations that were started for Between Two Waves, will continue after this.” All EardrumsPop asks is that readers and listeners support the artists involved in these projects by attending shows, getting a t-shirt, or buying an album. If you still want to give back you can support one of the charitable organizations listed on their website.

“It is a great way to network with people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet . . . it fosters an appreciation for art forms other than the one you work in,” said Folded Word’s Managing Editor, J.S. Graustein,

Thank you to Nora, Jessie, J.S. and the team at EardrumsPop for taking the time to answer my questions.

Go! Go! Follow EARDRUMSPOP on facebook and Twitter. Visit their site and download the FREE compilations @ http://www.eardrumspop.com/.

by Drew DeGennaro

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