Writing Prompt Part Deux

So you tried out show me your lits, and you enjoyed it. It helped you break that writers block and your writing flourished. But, for some reason, you aren’t completely satisfied. Maybe this type of writing prompt isn’t for you.
Oneword.com is a writing exercise website that presents the writer with one word to write about. You do not define the word, and if you don’t know the word, don’t worry.

“It’s not about learning new words. It’s not about defining words,” states the about section of the newly designed website, “The purpose of this exercise is to learn to flow.”

This 60 second exercise is to write the first thing that comes to mind. This prompt exercises a writer’s imagination on words. If there is a word that the writer doesn’t know they just write the first thing that comes to mind when they read the word.

One word has two ways of participating. Writers who visit their site can just hit go on the front page, write, enter your name and email and submit. The other option is to sign up as a member for free. Signing up will allow writers to not have to submit their name and email for each entry, as well as other advantages.

Now for some fun: I’d like to invite and encourage all our readers to try Oneword.com out. Just copy and paste your freewrites as a comment to this post. If a freewrite you post here results in a revised version being published later as a story/poem, let us know and we’ll post a link to promote it.

by Casey Murphy

One Comment on “Writing Prompt Part Deux

  1. Here’s my go at it!! 🙂

    The pil­lar was tall, hid­den behind the trees. It had designs etched into it. They felt weird under Melissa’s fin­ger­tips. She won­dered how they got there. Who made them and what for?


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