Sneak Peek: Snowing Fireflies

cover image of Snowing Fireflies by Eric Beeny
first look at the cover

“The stories in Snowing Fireflies are different, I feel, from other stories or (as yet unpublished) novels I’ve written—different in style, tone, delivery, etc,” said Eric Beeny when describing the writing style in his chapbook Snowing Fireflies. “They feel more ‘mature’.”

Snowing Fireflies will be the next chapbook from Folded Word. Written by Eric Beeny, this chapbook has a unique style of a mixture of prose and poetry that any reader will appreciate. Beeny has been writing for years. From writing poetry and music in junior high, to combining the two talents in high school by starting a band, and finally creating his own raps and beats.

“I always wanted to write fiction, but I think I was intimidated by it. It just seemed all big,” said Beeny. While he considers Snowing Fireflies to be fiction, he does admit some pieces can be considered poetry as well. “I like writing both, and I guess the two, as modes of expression, inevitably slip into and out of one another,” said Beeny. “I enjoy writing things specifically for one mode and appropriating it for another to see how it would operate in that context.”

After a sneak peek of the new chapbook, I noticed that a lot of the pieces revolved around either nature or relationships (and sometimes even both), neither of which Beeny intentionally wrote about. According to Beeny, the pieces that incorporate nature are more of “an external reflection of the characters,” and the pieces about relationships are simply him “imagining what it might feel like to again be in a relationship [and not] necessarily autobiographical in any sense other than they happened [in his head].”

Beeny also states that nothing in particular inspired the pieces this upcoming chapbook:

“If I get an idea I feel is worth pursuing, I’ll see where it leads or try taking it where I think it should go. Sometimes a line I think of unfolds into a whole piece, others the piece appears in my head already unfolded, and I just need to iron out the wrinkles.”

So whether you are a reader of poetry or of fiction, watch for Eric Beeny’s Snowing Fireflies in July, and be sure to add it to your “to read” list.

by Casey Murphy

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