Thoughts from “2nd Grade”

140 characters. That’s all that is used in a PicFic story. 140 characters in order to leave an impression on the reader. Derek Osborne has had several PicFic stories posted in Folded Word’s PicFic archive. One of his more recent submissions, titled “2nd Grade,” is not taken from a longer story, but is an experience from second grade.

“The boy who inspired my tweet, 2nd Grade, was a classmate from that year,” said Osborne. “I have dozens of vibrant characters and small memories too fleeting and delicate for a short story or even flash, yet they persist, demanding to be expressed. Twitter is the perfect form for capturing these miniaturist moments.”

“2nd Grade” was a PicFic that stood out for me in particular because as young students, parents may tend to do our homework for us rather than teaching us how it’s done. Seeing their parents as infallible, children are not ready to believe that their parents made a mistake, as this classmate obviously was not ready to believe. According to Osborne, his classmate seemed to know something more than the rest of them knew.

“But then Charles smiled, smiled like our teacher sometimes smiled, and I knew something important had happened, though being all of eight years old I wasn’t quite sure what it was,” Osborne said.

Recently, Derek has been published on Fiction Daily. To view his entry go to:

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article by Casey Murphy

2 Comments on “Thoughts from “2nd Grade”

  1. Wow. Some of the ways people write stories now are really interesting.


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