Vote for 3Cheers Winter 2010

It’s that time again. Let your voice be heard! Which of the following works would you like to see put to video?

Poetry (from unFold):

Beth Katte’s “Untitled 1”

Somewhere during Nunc Dimittis
the monk bit the inside of his cheek
singing the rest
with a mouthful of blood.

Drew DeGennaro’s “Bacon & Eggs”

Days like these — in the silence
of those screeching trucks –
pull us up from the shadows.

Gregory Sherl’s “Having Eaten Plastic Fruit”

The moon calls me names, calls
me a monster in the daylight,
calls me an abbreviation of my former self.

Voting has closed.  Results to be announced 18 Mar 2010.

Fiction (from PicFic):

Mel Bosworth’s “Finished”

She tells me it’s not the machine’s fault, but the man’s. When my computer explodes on the parking lot after a lengthy free fall, I agree.

Karyn Eisler’s “The Curious Practice of Pet Naming”

“What’s your dog’s name?” Leo asks. “Bear,” I reply. “Yours?” “Tiger,” he says back. “Any other pets?” “Yes.  A cat named Puppy.”

N. God Savage’s “Rerun”

He is 30 now, and yearns to reset the clock. Not because he thinks he could do any better, but rather because he forgot to pay attention.

Voting has closed.  Results to be announced 18 Mar 2010.

Extended Works (from PicFic & unFold)

Michael Lee Johnson’s “South Chicago Night and Day”

Night is drifters,
sugar rats, street walkers, pick-pockets, pimps,
insects, Lake Michigan perch,
neon signs blinking half the bulbs
burned out.

In the warmth of morning sun, lips grinning,
sidewalks folding open,
the big city drifts, and sailboats
lean against the Lake Michigan sand.

Ben Nardolilli’s 3 poem series

“Sore Looking Latitude”

I tell him I had an accident
With space and time,
Who ever let those bastards on the road?


St. George slayed the dragon with a spear,
Now his church kills rats with powder.

“Kill the Beast”

We know too much of post-
And not enough of pre-

Roxane Gay’s “Incantation/Invocation/Exultation”

I am magic, she whispers. An incantation. She worries the words between her teeth.

She totters on the highest of heels, clear Lucite. She is careful, arms high at her sides. She could stop the world.

I am magic, she whispers. An invocation. She worries the words between the soft tips of her fingers.

She is on a stage, slick, black. Each step, a hard echo. The music wraps around her, binds her to this place.

I am a dark magic, she shouts. An exultation. She worries the words between the humid meat of her thighs.

Voting has closed.  Results to be announced 18 Mar 2010.

Voting closes at noon Pacific on Saturday 13 March 2010. Winners will be announced via video during a live-chat on our ning on 18 March 2010.

6 Comments on “Vote for 3Cheers Winter 2010

  1. ok that was some of the more difficult voting i’ve ever had to do!!!


  2. They were all good but managed to choose the ones that got a strong emotion out of me.


  3. Wow! Great difficulty choosing. I am with Gigi on this one, I went for the pieces that struck at the gut.


  4. It was easy. I voted the ones that touched me deepest. Piece of cake, but then, I’m a guy, takes a day to do my Christmas shopping.


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