Have We Got Treats for You:-)

Pre-orders are now open for the print edition of both our Signature Chapbooks:

  • The Wait of Atom by Jessie Carty
  • When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories by Mel Bosworth

Purchase options and excerpts are available on the “buy” page of our website.

And seeing as it is Halloween, we’re offering goodies to those who knock on our door.  First of all, the offer of a free pdf copy of one chapbook still stands.  Secondly, we’re having a drawing on 1 December 2009 for a free print copy of each chapbook.

Here’s how it works:

  1. I’ve got rolls of blank carnival tickets (don’t ask, I’m a mom).  For each entry, I’ll write your name on the back of a ticket and drop it in the contest jar.
  2. On 0:01 GMT 1 December 2009, I will pour the entries into my lobster pot and stir them all up.
  3. My son will draw one ticket and my daughter the other.
  4. We’ll notify the winners and get postal information at that time.

How do you enter?  Join our ning and/or Fictionaut group, RT us on Twitter, comment on our Facebook posts, attend our launch events, and comment on our PicFic stories & unFold poems.  We’ll even give you two tickets if you link to this post on your blog (post a link to your blog in the comment section below to enter this way).

Did I mention that the chapbooks will be signed?  Or that unFold has a launch party tomorrow?  I’ve got LOADS of tickets in my closet.  Please help me use them:-)



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