A November that Rocks

cover of Jessie Carty's "The Wait of Atom"
Jessie's chapbook cover unveiled

Are you ready for a crazy, jam-packed month of literary goodness?  We are.  November at Folded Word will burst at the seams with:

unFold‘s launch on 2 November 2009. Catch some of our new Twitter poetry a day early at our “Live Chat Launch” on the Folded Word ning.  Or collect our poetweets in your mobile phone by following unFold on Twitter.  No mobile phone?  Then check out our archive.  No matter how you partake, let’s take this moment to pause and thank the unFold editor that’s cooked up this tasty dish:  Cheers, Rose!

Jessie Carty’s The Wait of Atom chapbook release on 10 November 2009. This will be the first in our Signature Series, which will be released as a hand-crafted print chapbook and as an e-book.  This chapbook contains 19 narrative poems, 17 of which are making their print debut.  You won’t want to miss the quirky adventures of Atom and Zoe.  Jessie’s accessible style truly shines in this collection.

cover of Mel Bosworth's Razzed chapbook
Mel's chapbook cover unveiled

Mel Bosworth’s When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories chapbook release on 19 November 2009. This will be the first fiction offering in our Signature Series, also to be released as a hand-crafted print chapbook and e-book.  This chapbook contains 12 short stories, one of which will be exclusively unveiled within its pages.  If you’ve only caught Mel’s tweets, you’re in for a real treat.  His range is amazing.


Pre-orders for both chapbooks will begin on Halloween, so be sure to pop on over here while you’re out Trick or Treating.  Or sign up for our monthly e-mail newsletter to receive a free pdf copy of one chapbook by:

  • sending an email to goodness@foldedword.com
  • type “subscribe” in the subject line
  • tell us what country/state/province you’re in and which e-chapbook you’d like:  Jessie’s or Mel’s



8 Comments on “A November that Rocks

  1. I can’t wait to share this with everyone and to get a copy of Mel’s chapbook! (well, cause I’ll already have mine 🙂 The covers look fantastic!


  2. Congrats to you both. Two writers that clearly deserve the Folded Word treatment.


  3. You bet your ass I will be pre-ordering. Trust me, it’s a safe bet. You will not have to say goodbye to your ass.


  4. ya know i was hoping to get rid of a little bit of my butt in this experience..hmmm 🙂


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