Best of the Net Nominees 2009

I almost spaced the deadline for Best of the Net nominations.  I think I put it off/avoided it because I couldn’t face choosing between any of my “chickadees.”  To only choose 6 poems and 2 stories from all the early work we published (prior to 30 June 2009) seemed like torture.

Then I remembered 3 Cheers.  Which meant most of my choices were already made.  Big sigh of relief.  So without further ado, the 2009 Folded Word nominees for Best of the Net are:


untitled senryu (first line: glass thermometers)
by Ellaraine Lockie

oh my
by Rose Auslander

If Only
by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

by Eric Burke

Barbed Wires
by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

The Sage’s Secret
by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin


Moving On
by Ben White

By Hand
by David Erlewine



6 Comments on “Best of the Net Nominees 2009

  1. No wonder you had so much trouble choosing!
    I am not looking forward to doing the Push Car nominees next!

    Congrats to all the nominees! Well deserved 🙂


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