Heron1 Love: Lounging in L.A.

naturopathy for the mind as well as the body

Until the end of the contest period (31 October 2009), we’re featuring one person each Saturday that has helped us spread Heron love around the world.

Today’s shout goes to xTx, one of our PicFic contributors and loyal ReTweeter.  She is also a friend of Mel Bosworth’s.  In order to celebrate his recent Pushcart nomination, she set up a literary egg hunt in her local Bed Bath & Beyond and Costco stores.  On leaving our hatchlings to fend for themselves in public, she said:

It was SO MUCH FUN leaving the Herons in fun places and taking pictures of them.  The hard part about it was that it felt like leaving precious treasures everywhere that might go unappreciated or unloved.  What if some employee just picked them up and deemed them trash?  What if a fat man used them to wrap his done gum?  Part of me wanted to stand guard over them until someone worthy…someone who could ‘see’ them…picked them up.  (But how does one determine worthiness?) What I really wished I could’ve done was sat somewhere with a box of them and passed them out to the people with the nicest smiles.

If you’re 18 or older, you may read her account and view more photos on her blog.

shrimp-lit, ready to sizzle

xTx showed incredible bravery in her distribution adventures–for she was not only giving away self-printed copies, but some of Mel’s limited edition prints as well.  A truly sacrificial act.  So huge hugs for you, x.  Mel and the Folded Word family can’t thank you enough for bringing “Leave Me as I Lessen” to more readers.



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