Pub Crawl: Children

I spent today imbibing in pub-lications throught the web.  Since I won major mommy points by finding and delivering my daughter’s forgotten lunch, I decided to pass along these pieces relating to children in some way–written by Folded Word contributors:

If you’re still thirsty, here are more intoxicatingly-random media highlights:

  • Online: Vaidehi’s She, He and Language in translation at Poetry International Web
  • Print: Hosho McCreesh & Christopher Cunningham’s Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon at Orange Alert Press
  • Audio: Susanna Rich’s Passover at qarrtsiluni
  • Video: James Cooper’s Life — an adaptation of an Arjun Basu Twit-fic story (note: f* word used once)



One Comment on “Pub Crawl: Children

  1. Great linkage! I won’t say my favorite, because mommy’s don’t say who their favorites are do they 🙂


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