Kindling: Passion

Folded Word is preparing to launch an e-chapbook series in 2010. Why? I am a passionate e-book reader. And while the formatting on many e-books leaves much to be desired, I still think experimenting with text on e-ink devices is worth a try.

I get horrible migraines; have one today, in fact. When they’re on, looking at a monitor kills me. So reading e-zine work online is right out.

Plus once I’ve taken my meds, my eyes don’t focus well. Since print books are stuck at one font size, this forces me to read them at a certain light threshold which isn’t always comfortable.

But my Kindle uses e-ink rather than pixels. There is no backlight to stab my head or strain my eyes. The font size is also adjustable, so I can turn the font up to 6 (the equivalent of large-print books) and still be able to focus on the words at whatever ambient light level is comfortable for me. If I’m outside, I can put on my granny-shades to read. If I’m confined to bed, I can use a small LED light to read.

And go figure: reading Monkeybicycle6 makes the pain easier to bear. Speaking of which, I hear an ice-pack and “The Mine” by Ryan Boudinot calling me…


One Comment on “Kindling: Passion

  1. I love the term kindling. Burning passion for reading, excellent!

    So excited about the e-chapbook series 🙂


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