Heron1 Love: Nesting in Nashville

Thanks, Christopher!
Thanks, Christopher!

From now until the end of the contest period (31 October 2009), we’re going to feature one person each Saturday that has helped us spread Heron love around the world.

Today’s shout goes to Christopher Allen, a writer and avid traveller.  On a recent trip to Nashville, he played the print and fold game, leaving his efforts scattered about in public places.  But one continent wasn’t enough for him.  He also left some in a Munich Starbucks and presented the story to the class he teaches.  On the in-class literary discussion, Christopher said:

At first several of the students had no idea how to interpret
it. They couldn’t get past a literal reading. But then [student] from Bulgaria started talking about how some religions believe we go back to the sea when we die. That’s when the discussion really started.

Music to our ears.  So huge hugs for you, Chris.  Mel and the Folded Word family can’t thank you enough for bringing “Leave Me as I Lessen” to more readers.



7 Comments on “Heron1 Love: Nesting in Nashville

  1. I’ve asked if it’s ok to use, just didn’t get it done ahead of time due to…health. Didn’t want to overstep. It’s all on me–no worries.


  2. He must be a world traveling, Heron reading enigma. I wonder if he has a blog….


  3. So cute. Go team(s) everyone! Folded word and Mel and Poppa Chris. Well done, all.


  4. Awesome! Now I know what to do the next time we take a vacation 🙂


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