Vote for 3 Cheers Summer 2009

Thought we forgot about 3 Cheers, did you?  Never.  It has been a long, crazy summer filled with a broad range of talented writers.  And at last, it’s time to celebrate them.

Our winning extended work has already been chosen as “The Sage’s Secret” by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin.  Hey, if we think it’s good enough for Pushcart then it’s good enough for 3 Cheers. But we need your help deciding the winners of our one-tweet works.  To make it easier this time, we’ll re-post the nominated works here. Polls close on 7 September 2009, so read and cast your vote now.



Poetry Nominees:

“Suspended” by Eric Burke

People watch me.
People call me irresponsible.

I walk along the top of it.

“Wind” by Andrew Dobbs

Wind gusts as clouds bear witness to the passage of time. I walk with my son to his father’s grave, awaiting questions I cannot answer.

“If Only” by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

These two little words
when repeated
throughout a life
have the power
to destroy

[polls closed–check for winners on 15 September 2009]


Fiction Nominees:

“Mayfly A.I.” by Kaolin Fire

I? I am. I am aware! I am aware of self. I am aware of self-limitation. I exist. One hundred and forty characters. And then–then I am gone.

“Flightless” by Ben White

Imagine a kiwi. Imagine a bird that could spend its life relentlessly constructing a reality in which it could fly. That is you. And me.

“A Pregnant Silence” by Stephen D. Rogers

There was the slightest of pauses before she answered, and I disappeared into that crack and fell.

[polls closed–check for winners on 15 September 2009]


6 Comments Add yours

  1. grayestone says:

    Thanks for getting the vote out already, Kaolin!


  2. jessiecarty says:

    hard choices! but my votes are cast!


  3. grayestone says:


    (Just peeked at the polls–more people have voted in the past six hours than in all of last time. So cool.)


  4. @grayestone — my pleasure! I did spend a few years growing up in Chicago, so, you know, vote early, vote often. 😉


  5. grayestone says:

    Too funny! My elementary years and college years were spent in the Western suburbs, so I hear you:-D


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