2009 Pushcart Nominees

[Be advised:  the following post contains graphic scenes of editorial gushing.  If strong emotional displays make you uncomfortable, please click away now.]

I’m a pretty straightforward person.  If I love something (or can’t stand something), I’m not afraid to share.  So I’m definitely not afraid to announce that I love everything I’ve published as an editor here at Folded Word. Some works made me cry. Some works made me think.  Many works made me laugh.

And then there are the works that continually tap on my shoulder, begging to be read again and again and again.

This morning I mailed in Pushcart Prize nominations for two of these demanding-yet-adorable little works:   Nathalie Boisard-Beudin’s The Sage’s Secret and Mel Bosworth’s Leave Me as I Lessen.  Both Nathalie’s poem and Mel’s story have been my constant companions these long summer months while visiting family, dealing with summer-break children, and seeking shelter from the heat.  Readers all over the world have enjoyed these works, too.  So it is an honor and joy to forward them on for consideration.   I truly believe they’ll be able to hold their own against the larger works they’re sure to encounter in the Pushcart mailbag.

If you get a chance, please pop by and congratulate Nathalie and Mel.  They’d love to hear from you.  Or slip a note in the comments section here if you’re in a rush.  But whether you comment or not, we thank you for being one of our readers.  We could not make nominations without you.



12 Comments on “2009 Pushcart Nominees

  1. Anything written my Nathalie deserves a prize.
    A day without reading her blogged poetry would be a sad day for me.


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