Heron: Live n’ Loud

The first issue of our Heron mini-mag is now available via the links at the bottom of this post. It will eventually be available from our website, but wouldn’t you know that on the day of days our webhosting company has a problem with their file manager so we can’t update the page.

Issue 1 features the flash fiction “Leave Me As I Lessen” by the incomparable Mel Bosworth. Both the print-at-home and audio versions of this issue are free to download until 15 December 2009, at which point the files will be removed from our servers. So grab it while you can;-)

We also encourage you to print out and distribute copies to people in your world that don’t typically read lit mags. Mel’s story is written for a broad audience in hopes of enticing the public into reading more modern short fiction.

To that end, we’re running a mini-contest. The prize? Signed/numbered limited edition Heron prints. The details?

  1. Print as many copies of Heron as you like.
  2. Fold them into tri-fold booklets.
  3. Give them away:  to friends, on public transport, wrapped around a large gratuity, tucked in a waiting-room magazine, etc.
  4. Email us (editors@foldedword.com with “Heron contest” as the subject) and share your experience.  Please include: # of Herons distributed, your city/region & country, and anything funny/noteworthy that happened during your distribution adventure.
  5. We will collect entries until 31 October 2009.  Three winners will be chosen at random from each global region:  Africa/Middle East, Asia, Australia/Oceana, Europe, North/Central America, South America.
  6. Two grand prizes will also be awarded:  one for the person who distributes the most copies and one to the person who distributes in the most creative way.  Grand prize winners will receive a signed/numbered print plus a copy of our Twitter-zine anthology (scheduled for release on 15 February 2010).

Limited edition prints will also be available directly from Mel while supplies last.  Just send your request to eddiesocko@gmail.com (be sure to say “please” and “thank you”).  And if you’d like to give him feedback on his masterpiece while you’re at it, that would be a fantastic bonus.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab a Heron.  Play it loud.  Then pass it on;-)

To download, right-click on the links below and choose “save target as”:

To fold after printing:

  1. fold in half length-wise with the printed side out
  2. place picture side down/print side up
  3. fold right edge to the left-side of the middle column of text
  4. fold left edge so that it’s even with the folded right edge
  5. you should be looking at a tri-fold booklet with the title on the front flap

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